The World Tree

Basicly this is the idia of the World Tree. This is the World Tree from World of Warcraft.

The first picture gives you a good idea of what The World Tree actually is but I don't know what those names are on it but basicly its this tree (that grows directly out of the earth!) and its huge, so huge that there are actually citys in it both in the branches and under ground around the roots!

It doesen't exist any more cause of Humans that destroyed it 100s of years ago but it sounds rally awsome!i cant go to your birthday cause im working on my website rite now

The second picuter is The World Tree on World of Warcraft so its intresting how even things that were gone 100s of years ago are still remembered in stories and games and stuff. Avatar did a cool job with their The World Tree but it was much smaller then the real one was.

I like cats alot.
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