Don Juan Smurf                    Smurfette is falling for it
No. There not. What are they then? No one rilly nos for sure but there obviously some sort of sentient, asexual entities that enjoy mimicking humans, but there definitely not Elves. Not even a little. My cousin's theory is that Smurves reproduce by budding (there tails) because one Smurfette and one Papa Smurf just doesen't add up to all those other Smurves. Also, he says that Gargamel and Azrael wanted to eat them because they taste like portabello mushrooms, because there obviously a symbiotic fungus (living with mushrooms). He learnt about symbiotic relationships in his bio class in college and from Star Wars: Phantom Menace and it makes sense that Smurves are some of those. So I took the theory a bit further and theorized that Smurves are actually some kind of sentient fungus. But there definately something difrent then we're talking about on this website. And Shelf says she's never even hurd of a Smurf before, so...
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