The North Pole "elf"

I no these aren't rilly North Pole 'elves' but I coulden't find any pictures of real ones I found this one at

The North Pole "elf" (aka Santa's Little Helper) is an imposter and should never been mistaken for an actual Elf, it is in fact an entirely different species of small humanoids that arrived on our planet around the turn of the century (A.D. 1900) in a red sleigh-like craft but because of their size and demeaner they have since been associated with the lore of the small "cute" elves of Scandinavian lore thus earning them the name of elf even though their not, even my mom didn't know this stuff, so...

That being said its obvious that "Buddy the Elf" if there was any doubt is obviously not an actual Elf either and not only is he a Human but he was also raised by this impostor race of North Pole "elves" who are actually aliens but its really not their fault that they claim to be Elves its the real Elves fault cause one time they went to the North Pole to see what people were calling Elves and one of the real Elves forgot to use his lizerd blending ability so all the North Pole "elves" saw him but they diden't know he was a Elf so they all got IUD so they think theyr'e Elves and thats the worst most recent mass out brake of IUD theres been.

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