The Nature of the Elvish Species

Elf children egsist to and heres a family of Elves I got this from

The first thing you need to understand about Elvery (meaning Elfish lore and/or the art of being a Elf and/or Elf "magic") is that Elves are not fake but you might have realized that long ago when you read the name of this website but the fact is there real and there uncredably special!

That might come as a shock to you cause of the outrageousness of popular lore serrounding this special race but youíll begin to understand as you explore this website however you should not explore this site until you truely understand this because it will olny seem like a joke or at least you wonít understand what the world is about and if you donít believe me then why have you even read this far in this website?

Elves also are part lizerd cause they change color and stuff to blend in with trees and bildings and stuff but not lizerds like my iguana cause those don't change color I mean like the ones that do.

Elf "Magic"

I hope you can tell by the quotes around the word "Magic" that Elves can't rilly do magic olny don't get me wrong they can do some freakin awsome stuff and some things they do do seem like there magical beings so all try and help you understand what's actuly happening since I've seen it first hand.

You see what you mite call magic is actuly a very natral thing called "elemental manipulation" stuff and its rilly cool cause its how the Elves can control the elements and if your like me and diden't no then elements means earth and water and snow and ice and air and fire (even!) and matches and wind and dirt and breath alot like when that dark She-Elf in The Lord of the Rings made that horsey out of the river to kill Fritos frends on the black horses that were trying to save him from her.

But lol when Shelf first told me they can control the elements I thought she said they can control the elefents and I was like "THATS SO AWSOME" and then after a while she realized thats what I thought and told me I was wrong and that she ment elements and I was like "well thats cool too".

Like all power elemental manipulation stuff is ment to be used for good but it can also be used for bad too like when some one used it to brake the moutan that was holding up Lake Bonneville.

Unfortunitly I can't do it at least not yet cause I've tryed and its just not working for me but I've seen Shelf move Prints's hair and make dirt fly around so I no its real and I think I can do it some day to.
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