The Lord of the Rings Elves

Frito looks rilly trajic in this picture.
There were alot of Elves in The Lord of the Rings and they were someof the awesomeest Elves out there. They were shown like they were the real Elves that are alive and how they live and I like LotR the best cause the king guy thats friends with Frito merrys the Elfish princess so it proves a human can merry a Elf and thats what I wanna do with Shelf.

The Lord of the Rings is a awsome story baste on a awsome video game that came out a few years ago and its mostly about a habit named Frito and his other habits and it has dwarves and wizards and stuff but mostly it has some sweet Elves in it and Rivendell is so much like where the real Elves use to live by Lake Bonneville so its rilly awsome!

The main Elf in it is named Lord Elinore (see the girl on the bottom left well thats his dotter) and hes rilly awsome and hes kinda like the king of the elves in the movie and game (but hes more sirius then the real life Elf King Elrod) but the coolest Elf is probly the genral that brings his Elf frends to Helms Deep to help the Humans kill orcs and stuff I think his names Hal Dear or some thing but he reminds me alot of Prints: New-Water from the real life Elves cause hes a awsome warrier.

Another cool thing is that the same guy that directed Hellboy 2 and the same guy that directed The Lord of the Rings is make a pre movie to The Lord of the Rings called The Habit!

Anyways if you haven't seen the movie or played the game then you should cause there awsome and I wish some one would rite a book about it cause I would totoly read it when I get older.

And now enjoy this (go to for more info about it):

The Hunt For Gollum rocks! Born of Hope will too!

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