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Do you still think its funny that the Elves were driven away from Lake Bonneville all those centruries ago?

Diden't think so.

It was a beautiful place and now its just Utah, but do you wanna know why they left? It was cause the lake went away obviously but do you wanna know why it went away? Well it was cause some one broke the mountain that was holding the water in way down at that far bottom part and they don't know who did it though and it happend a way long time ago like 1,000s of years but it's sad huh?

Now all thats left is the Bonneville Salt Flats and also the Great Salt Lake but oh well those are useful right?

Anyways when Elves did live here they lived up in the mountains cause the water came up to there and you can even still see the mark that the water came up to and the city where they lived looked alot like Rivendell cause it was in the canyon and if you go to the Rivendell page then you'll know what it looked like back then.

Some people think that cause the Elves lived in Utah that means they're Mormons but thats not true cause alot of not Mormons live in Utah too.
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