Hellboy 2

Hellboy 2 Elves are freakin sweet!

Hellboy 2 was a awsome movie but we all no that the best thing about it was the Elves and thats cause they were so real and if you don't think so then let me tell you that I'm possitive that Prince New Water in the movie is actuly baste alot on the real Prints: New-Water in real life and THATS why he was so awsome in the movie!

If you don't no who he is in the movie then hes the Elf in the middle in the picture up there and also hes the Elf in the first movie on the first page of this website.

But the fake thing about the Elves in this movie is they don't rilly all have blond hair so The Lord of the Rings got that more rite cause they have difrent colors of hair in it.

So if you haven't seen this movie then you better see it but you'll want to wach the first one first so you no whats going on even though it doesen't have Elves in it but its still good to.
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