Free Health Facts About Elves

Identity Unelf Disorder

Identity Unelf Disorder (or IUD) is when someone starts to think there a Elf and its rare but unavoidible in some situations for egsample if someone sees a Elf but they don't no its a Elf then they will start to think there a Elf too and thats the only way to get IUD and thats why Elvin people don't be around humans very much.

The only way I know of to remove IUD is for the person to figure out who he (or she) saw thats a Elf and then to really know that that person is actually a Elf. That can be rilly hard cause Elves don't rilly show themselves much so there hard to find.

Some times fokes never do find the Elf they saw and they have to live like that all there lives and those people sometimes try to look like Elves like these guys but it doesn't turn them into a real Elf all I think it does is give him a cool guys expression.

So how does someone no if they have IUD?
It has to be some one else that nos because the person will not no because they will think there a Elf! So heres how to tell if some one else has IUD: How can you no that for a fact?

Williams-Beuren Syndrome

Williams-Beuren Sydrome (or WBS): Yeah, those people can look like Elves and even share some common traits with the Elvin people, which makes me think that it's not a disorder at all but these people are just closer to the specialness level that Elves are. Maybe they just have more of the Elvin jeans as we do.

Some of these shared traits include:
  1. They look like one.
  2. Music lovers.
  3. Have perfect pitch.
  4. Often left-handed.
It is also interesting that most people with WBS do not think there Elves. I know, weird right? But the same person never has WBS and IUD at the same time. You can read alot more about WBS on if you want.
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