Elves Today

Oviously theres a lot more Elves then this but these are the olny ones that I have said something about on my website so far but don't worry cause I'm sure all talk about other Elves too and when I do all add them on here to.

I rilly wish I could put pictures on here of them but they won't let me cause of IUD and how it some times happens during seeing a picture of a Elf but it never happens during a drawing of one so maybe I can draw some picture of them and put them here so all think about that and ask Shelf if thats ok.

Elrod: The Elf King - About this Elf

Prints: New-Water - About this Elf

Shelf: My She-Elf Girlfriend - About this Elf

Rofling: Story Teller - About this Elf

Elderin: The Oldest Elf - About this Elf

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