Elf - The Movie

Poster of Buddy the 'elf' (William Ferrell) from the movie Elf but hes not rilly a Elf.

Even though theres a buttload of Christmas cheer in this movie its rilly not about real Elves which made me kinda mad cause I was rilly exited to see it.

But I do like the movie though cause its a rilly good study of Identity Unelf Disorder cause what musta happend is that Buddy the "elf" musta seen a real Elf (not a fake North Pole "elf") wall the real Elf was up there studying the fake North Pole "elves" and thats why Buddy thinks hes a Elf but at the same time he doesen't no what a real Elf is so he thinks that North Pole "elves" are real ones so then he thinks hes a North Pole "elf" its rilly one of the complicatedest cases of IUD that I've ever seen cause hes rilly a human.

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