Elf Art

(LOL! If you say it fast then it sounds like a Spanish person saying "El Fart")

This is where you can look at Elves. Elves are so awesome that they inspire a lot of cool art. Here you can see Elves depicted in famous art, look at what other people have posted and pass your own El Fart (LOL!). Please try to keep this to art of real elves and not so much North Pole "Elves". Not saying you can't do it, I'm just saying that since North Pole "Elves" are not real Elves, it'd be kinda lame if this page was full of them.


Famous Art Depicting Elves

Art Posted by Me and You

I found this one at www.dezert-rose.com. Obviously this is a North Pole "Elf", not a real one. But I thought it was well done so I posted it since it's Elf-related.

-=[ elf ]=- 1/97

               / <
          ,_  /    \  _,
      ?    \`/______\`/
   ,_(_).  |; (e  e) ;|
    \___ \ \/\   7  /\/    _\8/_
        \/\   \'=='/      | /| /|
         \ \___)--(_______|//|//|
          \___  ()  _____/|/_|/_|
             /  ()  \    `----'
            /   ()   \
   jgs   _    |_||_|    _
        (@____) || (____@)

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