(Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

First of all Avatar is probly the best movie I've ever saw! It has a good story, good action, good graphics and animation and special affects, good acting and a good message.

But mostly what I wanna say about it is the Elves in it are some of the best in movie histry! They don't really look like real Elves mostly cause there blue with stripes and they have tails, so they were wrong about that part, but they act and believe in the same kind of things. Also, the Elves in Avatar fight like the real ones with awesome bow and arrows and knifes. For proof go to Nature of Elves on the left menu.

One other thing I thought was really cool is there "Home Tree" cause its like the exact same thing as the real Elves World Tree that got destroyed by Humans! That part made me cry in the movie cause it really happened in real life and the real Elves are still sad about it and that makes me sad too cause I love them.

I think that Humans have the same thing as Elves where they remember things as a species, like memorys and events and stuff. I think so cause there are so many movies that have true Elf stuff in them like Avatar and The Lord of the Rings and Hellboy 2.

If you haven't seen Avatar yet then go see it wall its in 3D IMAX cause thats the best way to watch it I think!

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