The Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle Amazon Rainforest

The Elvish people have made a home out of lots of places and all of them have lots of water around them. Mostly they like big water but also they go and live by ponds and stuff too. As long as there's enough ponds to go around. Also, though, they like rivers and lakes and oceans as long as there's fresh water by the oceans. The reason for the water is special but I'll save that for later and probly in my book.

By now you probably know that Elves live mostly in the Amazon Jungle since Lake Bonneville dried all up centuries ago. But they love that jungle anyways so it's ok.

They have a pretty big community down there in the Mexican part of the jungle and, get this, the Mexicans have known about Elves for over 3 thousand years and they never told us! But anyways, they build their houses by making trees bend as they grow, so eventually a bunch of trees grow into one house or dance hall or anything they want. If they sing to the trees then they grow faster but it still takes years to finish building an Elf house, though, and Shelf is awesome because she's building one of those houses for us because we still hope that Elrod'll let us get married someday if I'm good and tell people about Elves, so please pass this website to everyone you know!

So you probly wonder why I've met Elves and know this stuff because I obviosly don't go to the Amazon Jungle. Well its cause of Amazonian Junglettes.

Amazonian Junglette

By now you're probably like "what the crap is a junglette???" so I'll tell you what one is. Its any piece of forest near a river that the Elves use as their Elf home-away-from-home when they're away from the Amazon Jungle, and they use their elemental manipulation stuff to make it look just like their real Elf home. It's pretty cool!
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