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Benjamin Barker - Elf Expert
Thats me. My names Benjamin and I'm a Elf expert. Besides that though I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters and 1 twin and I'm the youngest with my twin theres 8 kids. But the sisters and 1 boy are from my step dad, but not the other boys or my twin, there from my real dad. I love baseball and lacrosse and kissing lol and hikes and my iguana and fun games like Elf Bowling and Elves and my twin. If I was a piece of furniture I would be a lamp cause I'm bright and I have a twin. Other people would tell you I'm easy to like and I no alot of things that alot of people don't no and I believe them cause I no so much about Elves and I also made this website by myself with some help from my uncle. If you want to no more about me then please contact me to ask me some other questions or send me a nother friend survey to fill out.
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