This is an official website and it's about Elves

I'm a Elf expert and I built this offical website to prove that Elves are kick-awesome friends and warriors not little pantsy toy-makers in fact Elf Bowling is one of my favorite games because you get to knock down those fake "Elves"!

Anyways sence your at my site I assume you like most people have some interest in Elves - whether its professional, academic, romantic or something else. But if you want the truth about this frendly but feerce race then first your going to have to eccept that you probly don't know much about them and what you do know probaly isn't true and ya'll see why during this website.

First of all there's this rumor going round that Elves are fake so here are some eggsamples of real Elves and fake Elves to help you see the difrinse:

(Sorry I can't show you ACTUAL real ones because of Identity Unelf Disorder so these are just eggsamples for to give you the idea)

This is a Elf

This is'nt a Elf


Not this



To learn more about REAL Elf egsistense and life style study the topics under the menus above. This stuff is serious and ya'll no what I mean as you go. To submit information about Elves or contact me click Contact the Elf expert and also check back often for updates cause they'll probaly always be some. To answer your first question see the Smurfs page and for other common questions check out my FAQ.

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